David’s Tree Service, Inc.

David Diaz founded David’s Tree Service in 1981 after purchasing a chainsaw from a local independent tree trimmer he saw working in his neighborhood. He started advertising in the penny saver, and it was not long before he had a burgeoning residential tree trimming operation in Huntington Beach. At this point he had no dump truck or chipper, just an entrepreneurial gleam in his eye, one chainsaw, and his wife’s pickup truck to haul plant material to the dump. When he started getting busier, he bought a flatbed truck, next came more chainsaws, a stump grinder, and a small chipper.

David’s Son, Darren Diaz began working for David’s Tree Service in 2004 as a groundman. Learning as much as possible as quickly as possible he eventually moved up the ranks and became the company’s estimator. After bidding on residential jobs for about 2 years Darren Diaz began working tirelessly to expand into commercial and HOA markets. Darren is now the company’s CEO and leads several crews with a fleet of multiple bucket trucks, chippers, stump grinders, dump trucks, and a substantial residential, commercial, homeowner’s association (HOA), and public works market presence.

David’s Tree Service, Inc. is one of only a few tree services companies that provides residential tree service as well as large scale commercial, HOA and public works service.

We are experts in tree care, and your trees will flourish under our care.

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